Why EvoNexus

Why Choose EvoNexus

EvoNexus is Southern California’s leading non-profit startup technology incubator and hub for the startup community with locations in San Diego and Irvine. We empower motivated entrepreneurs to turn their transformative ideas into fundable, commercially-viable companies.

EvoNexus’ ecosystem offers its entrepreneurs – who range from first-timers to experienced founders with a long track record of success – a wealth of talent and experience to draw on, through our extensive network of mentors, service providers, and investors.

Since 2010, Evonexus companies have had more than $1.5B in funding & outcomes from more than 160 Venture Capital funds and 22 acquisitions.

EvoNexus is supported by corporate investors (link), including some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Its startups enjoy Class A office and dry lab space provided by California’s leading real estate developer, The Irvine Company.

22 Acquisitions since 2013

resulting in $780,000,000 in outcomes

Benefits of working with EvoNexus

Access to Capital

View list of VCs who have invested in EvoNexus portfolio! Over 76% of our portfolio have secured funding while incubating at EvoNexus.

Our track record of successful startups attracts Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors to frequent the halls of EvoNexus. Additionally, our Strategic Funding Partners, ViaSat (NASDAQ: VSAT) and Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) offer potential seed capital of $250,000 for startups in their interest areas. We have formed strategic partnerships with dozens of publicly traded technology corporations who are looking to invest in the latest important technologies.

Fundraising Support

We help you refine your pitch to be VC-ready through our educational workshops, pitch practices, and individualized pitch scrubs.

Demo Day

Pitch to an audience of ~400 members of the tech community. EvoNexus companies have attracted investors, customers and partners through Demo Day. Click HERE to see more about Demo Day.

Long-term Residency

Unlike other accelerator models that churn through start-up cohorts in 3-4 month intensive programs, we incubate companies for an average of 18 months. We know that startups need longer-term support on their path to sustainability.

Milestones-Based Structure

Entrepreneurship is chaos. We help hold you accountable to your milestones and support you in refining a realistic roadmap to success. Every startup is different and will have a different path to their “graduation metrics”.

Intellectual Property Support

EvoNexus provides extensive IP support through in-house patent expertise to help you develop and execute your IP strategy.  This includes business goals (who will infringe, marketing/licensing value, investor/exit value, etc.), understanding areas of novelty and developing a patent filing strategy.

World-Class Mentorship

Our mentors are accomplished executives, entrepreneurs and investors, current in their industries. They believe in our vision of growing the economy and voluntarily dedicate themselves to diving deep, making valuable connections and advising based on their own industry experience. They challenge startups to move beyond assumptions to validations.

Our Network

Our brand attracts innovation leaders looking to connect SoCal’s best startups with capital, strategic corporate partners, institutional investors and more. Our expansive network unlocks infinite possibilities.

Office Hours

Committed mentors dedicate regular times every week or month to holding office hours in general or specific domain areas, accessible to any incubating startup.


Each startup undergoes a highly competitive, rigorous vetting process. Being selected as an EvoNexus company provides validation for your venture that investors and the strategic partners find impressive.

Class A Coworking Space

EvoNexus provides beautiful coworking facilities in La Jolla and Irvine, CA,  in partnership with the Irvine Company. The space is optimized for collaboration and technology development. The facilities feature phone rooms, conference rooms, and dedicated private spaces for hardware development.

Get connected to industry leaders with funding and support.

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